Asian Weddings: The Breakdown of the Ceremony!

Marriage is part of one of the rites of passage in Asian customs. This is the most important of all and it is in this capacity that it is most often celebrated with great pomp. Young girls are married between the ages of 19 and 26 and men are married on average at the age of 26 as well.

The wedding day

The wedding day is also punctuated by many rites that must be respected at the risk of compromising the longevity of the marriage. The latter begins by the arrival of the groom, on horseback or elephant or in a luxury car (for Asian weddings in UK, they usually go on carriage or even horseback). He waits for the bride to pass a garland of flowers around her neck. The priest then performs the rituals or “mandap” in the presence of the spouses and their parents. The latter take place in the following manner:

• A prayer is first dedicated to Ganesh, the god of luck and wisdom.
• The hands of the spouses are united but the latter are separated by a sheet and cannot yet see themselves.
• A paste made of sugar of cane and cumin with positive virtues is placed on their heads before the cloth is dropped.
• The groom will tie a rope made in herbs and braided around the size of the bride to support her in her new responsibilities.
• He then passes two gold necklaces around his neck, symbols of commitment, protection and security he offers to the bride.
• The scarves of the two married are knotted together to symbolize the longevity of their union.
• The spouses each send the rice and then 7 times around the sacred fire to conclude the ceremony.

After the ceremony, both the bride and groom leave the venue in a horse driven carriage (for most cases of Asian weddings in UK) or luxurious car.