Considerations to Choose Funeral Transport

There are funeral organisers who provide complete services including hearse, cortege limousine, sufficient number of bearers and chauffer so that you are not stressed additionally during your moment of grief.

Funeral Transport Considerations

Type of hearse: You can choose a traditional and standard hearse, horse drawn hearse, chauffer driven limousine, motor cycle hearse and some other, more personalised, types of transport.

Size of Cortege: You need to know the number of principal mourners and how many of them would require transport to and from the funeral. Please bear in mind that a standard limousine carries six people comfortably. You need to check who are driving these cars as well.

Wheelchair access: Some mourners, even some principal mourners might need wheelchair access to get in and out of the vehicle. Keep this in mind while selecting your transport for the vehicle.

Route of the procession: Not only the starting and final destination points, you need to finalise the complete route which the cortege needs to follow. You need to tell the organisers if you want to follow a special route or if some mourners need transport to another place after the funeral.

When all of these are considered, make your choice. We would suggest the horse drawn carriage London, however, as they add some class in the funeral. Generally, a Victorian era horse drawn hearse is used with two or four black or white horses. One coachman would ride and control the horses. This is not a bad idea if the departed one had old school values.