Find Your Wedding Theme

The wedding trend is to celebrate the union around a theme. The choice of the theme is a decisive factor as it is around this theme that the outfits, the hairstyles or the decoration will be chosen. To help you in this stressful choice, here are some wedding themes for the bride and groom without ideas.

1. Country wedding and nature theme

Nature lovers will appreciate this theme. A barn, a farm or an outdoor ceremony: in the countryside, in the forest, in the woods or in a field to recall the theme. And finally, consider using natural colors and a decoration around nature, wood, flowers or plants.

2. Urban Marriage

For those who are resolutely urban, opt for an urban wedding in the heart of a city with the skyscrapers in the background! Rent a loft for the occasion, delicacies and refined dishes for an ultra chic and trendy ceremony.

3. Vintage and retro wedding

It was better before! You can bet on pastel tones that will remind you of the charm of yesteryear or on the contrary you can opt for colors more flashy and peps for a theme sixties Or seventies.

4. Wedding on the theme of travel

Asian weddings in UK can form part of this theme! Invitations can take the form of boarding pass; the names of the tables can be names of airports, countries or regions. Means of transport: airplanes, boats, trains, as well as maps or suitcases can be integrated into the decor.