Make Your Wedding A Cinderella Affair

A vintage carriage, drawn by 4 white horses and accompanied by a coachman in matching attire, is the best possible way to arrive for your own wedding. For this type of fairy tale wedding, one needs to consider every option they have. Every Cinderella type wedding should have this royal finishing touch to add class. Sometimes, people go beyond the concept and include magic slippers, place pumpkin carriages as card holder and make castle shaped bottle stoppers.

Wedding invitations which have intricate jewellery and gold certainly look royal. This is not only an important element to create the magical atmosphere but also can last forever as a perfect memento of the wedding day.

One can hire a castle, if the budget allows, to host the wedding as that is where Cinderella lived and the castle will surely add to the prop. One can choose the elements which appear in the original story. For example, the glass slippers are always a hit. Holding the magic wand is another brilliant idea.

Finally, choose horse and carriage for weddings of the princess. This is where we come in. We have different vintage carriages to choose from, well-groomed white horses to drawn those and we have experienced coachman and footman, in matching attire, to handle the carriage. They are well trained and well-mannered and will make you feel like a princess on your special day.