Make Your Wedding Day Special with a Horse Drawn Carriage

Before the cars and automobiles were invented, the horse drawn carriages ruled the streets. People used horse drawn carriages for every type of transportation and they used the carriages for every purpose. Traders loaded goods on them, people rode those to go to places, couples took those for a leisurely evening and even they arrive for the marriage on a horse drawn cart and went off to honeymoon on these carriages as well.

Now we use cars for every purpose and people have started to miss the elegance and liveliness of the horse drawn carriages. While using these carriages for daily commotion is not possible in this time and age, we have kept the tradition of horse drawn carriages alive for certain special days. Wedding day is still one such day where the bride would surely love to arrive on a horse drawn carriage.

In the fairy tales, which give ideas to girls for their wedding day, the princess always arrived on a carriage, drawn by a pure white horse. On her wedding day, every woman is a princess, for herself, her parents and her friends. Of course, she is the princess for the groom as well and she would love to arrive at the spot like a princess. Thankfully, there are some special agencies who still offer a Victorian Landau, a specially designed coach for wedding purposes, on rent, along with white horses and manned by a trained, skilled and experienced coachman in a befitting attire.

People tend to think that these coaches and packages are expensively priced because they are not common service. However, this is far from truth. Because the agencies depend on occasional hiring, they can’t keep the prices so high that the potential client cancels the idea of hiring the horse and carriage. Moreover, these agencies have trained their horses for long journeys and busy city roads so hiring them is still a good idea if you are in London or your venue is not near. The experienced coachman also knows how to handle his horses.

While people think of limousines and expensive cars as transport during wedding, you can really stand out from the crowd by hiring a horse and carriage for wedding. Not only you get the attention of the attendees, this becomes a day to remember for years. That is what every woman would want, the wedding day which she can vividly remember, even after decades.