The Amalfi Coast in 8 days — Naples

Italy is one of my favourite places, not only because of the incredible food but also because every time I’ve visited I’ve had different experiences and seen different parts of the country and culture.

The Amalfi Coast is said to be the most expensive part of Italy so we decided to try and budget wherever possible as we were going for longer than we typically do on a European break. B&B’s are pretty reasonable as long as you book in advance, but because the Amalfi coast is a very popular wedding destination you might find that a lot of the accommodation is full anyway.

We travelled in early September when the weather is still warm but with the occasional rain shower and cloudy day — not ideal if you’re planning on spending all of your time on the beach but great if you’re doing a hike!

And so the tale begins..

We flew from Manchester to Naples very early in the morning. We’d had multiple recommendations not to spend any time in Naples, as it is (apparently) quite dangerous and not that appealing. Our experience of the airport started out well as there were no queues at passport control and we got straight through only to have an hours wait for our luggage, followed by a long wait for a bus to town. We didn’t want to bypass it entirely — Naples is the home of the pizza after all — so we headed for Sorbillo’s in the Centro Storico to sample some of Napoli’s finest. The pizza dough was lovely and soft and the tomatoes and mozzarella were so fresh, I couldn’t get enough of it! And at 6 euros a pizza we could have afforded to eat more.

That was our whole experience of Naples really, after our pizza we headed to the ferry terminal to catch a hydrofoil to Capri, where we would be spending our first night.

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