I agree it is easy to miss read people but in this case it does look a lot like you were the one…
Tim White

Thanks for reading Tim. The human insight I tried to convey was that sometimes we think we know what we want, but it isn’t until later we realize it was the fantasy we were interested in not the real person. I was curious about him and wanted to know more, so I reached out and had the opportunity to get to know him beyond our first meeting. There have been plenty of other people I haven’t reached out to after a first date because I could have cared less about knowing them. I can guarantee you he was interested in something more but wasn’t able to express his interest in ways that made sense to me. There was clearly some sort of miscommunication between us that we couldn’t seem to get beyond, so my ego wasn’t at all hurt. My ego would have been hurt if he didn’t respond to my initial text, but he did. In no way am I venting, simply conveying a situation that happened. I make a good salary and want to date a man who can afford to split the tab at an expensive restaurant or buy himself a ticket to a film. After many months, I discovered he was not that man, which I am thankful to know.

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