Surprising Ways to Get Grooms Involved with the Wedding Registry

It’s easy to understand why some guys don’t get into wedding planning. The dresses, the hand-lettered signs, the mason jars (oh my!). But your wedding registry is a literal snapshot of your future life, so it’s important to do it together. Try these ideas to help your fiancé feel included and get excited about registering.

1. Register at three stores.

One for you, one for him, and one together. His job is to choose gifts at “his” store and collaborate on the shared registry. Then, you can review all three lists and edit as needed.

Bonus Tip: Decide ahead of time how many vetoes you have, so you can nix the riding lawn mower before his buddies get wind of it.

2. Use the Amazon button.

If your fiancé wants to keep it simple, Amazon is probably the easiest tool for casual registering. Just download the Universal Registry button to his computer and encourage him to click whenever he sees something he likes. Then, go through the list together to fine-tune your selections.

Bonus Tip: Amazon gives gift suggestions customized to your region, wedding month, or items you’ve already registered for.

3. Set up a registry that collects cash.

Some guys are never going to get excited about china, but everyone likes cash. Discuss what you’d like to buy as a new couple: honeymoon, furniture, down payment on a house? Then set up a registry somewhere like,, or Feather Our Nest.

Bonus Tip: When you write your wishes on the site, be descriptive. Your guests will be inspired by the kayaking excursion you’re planning or the leather recliner you both fell in love with.

4. Think outside the big-box stores.

Brainstorm with your fiancé about gifts he’ll truly love, then find a way to register for them. Sites like, SimpleRegistry, or Zola will let you register for just about anything, from wine-of-the-month clubs to restaurant gift cards to surfing lessons.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to dream big. Some of these registry aggregators let multiple guests chip in on something expensive.

5. Beg, borrow, or steal ideas.

Sit at the computer together and stalk the wedding registries of friends, coworkers, and — why not? — celebrities. Seeing other couples’ choices can help hone your own taste. Appalled that a friend chose pink and blue towels? It’ll make you and your guy that much more confident about your all-white bathroom.

Bonus Tip: Ask couples who’ve been married a while for advice. Which gifts do they regret, and which do they treasure?

6. Turn gift registering into a fun date.

Choosing silverware patterns will never be sexy, but you can amp up the fun by planning a night out that isn’t all about the checklist. Dress up, enjoy a delicious meal (champagne, anyone?), then visit a store to select gifts. End with dessert and lots of PDAs.

Bonus Tip: Reduce stress by tackling just one room at a time, then repeat every weekend until the registry is complete.

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