The Biggest Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples Make

Congrats! You’re probably basking in the glow of your new engagement, drunk on love and hope and excitement. But with a million things to set up, remember, and organize, don’t fall into these mistakes.

“I forgot to call Aunt Loraine.”

I’m sure you remembered to call your mom and your besties to share your good news. But are there more friends and family you want to make sure you tell? No one wants to be the last to know and feelings could be hurt. Set aside some time to spread your wonderful news.

“I didn’t get my ring size and it fell down the drain.”

Immediately get your ring size AND insured. Period.

“We should have set a date and location (or at least a tentative one)”

A date and a place will be everyone’s first question after, “How did he pop the question!?” If you can give an accurate-but-not-precise answer like, “We’re thinking about end of Summer,” your friends and family will feel in the loop. They’ll also be able to mentally set aside space for you in their mental calendars.

“I didn’t set a budget early enough.”

Time and time again, couples out-spend their means in the first few decisions of their planning — venue, catering, photography, and of course the dress. But little things like linen rentals, personal flowers, and receiption accouterment all add up.

“I didn’t know what to register for so we ended up with stuff we didn’t need or want.”

Collaborate with your partner, thinking about who you are and what you love. Your registry should reflect that. Love camping? Register for gear at REI. Love cooking? Register for that food processor you’ve had your eye on forever. Or better yet, even register for cooking classes!

“I didn’t take the time to enjoy being engaged.”

The biggest mistake we saved for last. You’re engaged! Breathe it in. You’ll only be engaged for a short period of time, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it.