How I Met Myself

Well here I am, amused and quite satisfied with how my life played out. After enduring years of confusion, failures, heartbreak and self-doubt, I have been molded into someone I never saw myself being. I reflect on my years from 21 onward. Life was in a bit of a disarray: unexpected changes which were unbearable, at least that’s what I thought, came at me from all aspects of life.

I would not say I was lost but I was unsure of what route to take. If I had told you then that I saw myself being an Anesthesiologist, married and settled with two beautiful children my nose would have grown even bigger right then and there.

Roaming Heart

Fickle was the most suitable word to describe me and as such I was known for never being content for a long period of time. I spent my twenties traveling from major cities such as DC, Casablanca, London, Athens, Madrid, Prague and Budapest. I was a free-spirit with a roaming heart, and I tended to put life on hold.

I was not always like that but my college years made me realize I needed to live more and not plan every step of my future. Sometimes a breath of fresh air makes everything seem much easier. The wandering lifestyle I chose had placed a strain on my relationships with my parents, my close friends and of course the love life I was never able to achieve. The traveling started to take a toll on me, and I missed the feeling of “home”. That was the peculiar thing about me — I was born and raised in the beautiful, culturally rich and tropical island of Jamaica and yet I never considered it home. I loved it but I was never sure if I wanted to spend my life there with the failing economy at the time.

New Sensations

I had planned to be married at the age of 26. But at the age of 26, I was entering medical school. Everything that I aimed for in regards to my happiness started to fall into place. I met my husband during my rotations — the patient, kindhearted, pediatric surgeon who worked through my insecurities and my trust issues and changed my perspective on romantic relationships.

We relished in our admiration for Greek and Roman literature, and experiencing various cultures. We meshed together so well, and grew together beautifully.

Our lives mixed together like sand; families, friends and careers. Everything bonded together like nothing elss before

Now here I am at home in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, content with what I have and where I am in life. All I have to say is don’t let the courses of your life wear you down but adapt and learn to live through it.

She lived the wonderful life that was in her — conquering new sensations.
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