Calling all nobodies— but somebodies

“Tell your story…”, it makes me scoff and think “who the hell am I to think I have a story worth telling”. Yet, here I am — stepping, rather, leaping, out of my comfort zone — because I made a promise to someone who has generously shared her precious gift, insight, encouragement, and time with me. Words cannot express my gratitude, but keeping this promise may — at least in part — show it.

So why a blog? Why now? Why Me?

I have a feeling of desperation and a sense of urgency nicely complimented by a lack of confidence, knowledge and answers. I have always felt compelled to “make a difference” and am riddled with an unexplainable sense of responsibility for anything and everything, despite feeling inadequate to actually contribute to change. I am panicked about the divisiveness in our society but have no idea what to do about it. Without diverse views shared in a respectful and constructive manner we will never be able to solve the most challenging problems in our world. I can no longer sit on the sidelines stewing over my concern.

I have no desire to be the person who analyzes and critiques what is wrong with our world while pointing my finger at someone else to fix it.

My intention for this blog to serve as a purposeful journal for me. I hope it will help me organize my thoughts, guide my actions and maybe help build a community of other lay people who want to step up and take action but don’t know what they have to offer or where to begin.

I have agonized over where to start, what to discuss, how to engage, and who to share this all with. I have been stifled and delayed by the feeling that I need to be an expert before I have anything worthwhile sharing. I wanted to establish a library of posts prior to posting anything. I have quashed these feelings and bitten the bullet to just write and try to connect. The fact of the matter is that the majority of our world is comprised of average people like me — people who don’t necessarily know all the facts or have time to dissect every issue, but who have an opinion and this opinion guides their behaviour. What we need is genuine curiousity and respect to guide dialogue. Yes, real facts are crucial — believe me, I am not an advocate of alternative facts! But, my vision is a safe place for people to express what they believe to be true, to listen with genuine curiousity, to be willing to challenge their beliefs and to be seekers of truth. Let us be solution focussed for the betterment of all of society.

Let us journey to find WHAT is right… rather than to BE right.

Who am I to try to create such a forum? Nobody really — but also somebody — somebody who is ready (or not!) to expose my intensity to it’s fullest extent, somebody who is acutely aware of my lack of answers, somebody who has finally realized that the risk of doing nothing outweighs the fear of doing something.

I would love for all of the nobodies — but somebodies — who might be a little intense, answerless, fearful… and hopeful to engage with me as a solution seeker.