Conquering the divide to be “Stronger Together”
Dante Morelli

Dante, it’s fantastic that you had such a moving and memorable time in Philadelphia. Like me, I am sure that you appreciate the support from AFT and the opportunity to represent our profession on a national level. I met some brilliant and passionate educators thanks to my affiliation with AFT, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the convention and felt lucky it was in a city as fantastic as Philadelphia. I agree that Michelle Obama’s speech was outstanding.

I was also in the New York delegation, but those of us representing Bernie Sanders had a much different experience. Perhaps I’ll write my own piece summing that up; whether it fits the narrative the AFT wishes to advance about the convention and their long-endorsed candidate’s nomination process is anyone’s guess.

Once, just once, I would love it if a Hillary supporter would actually admit that the bad blood last week was indeed caused by the content of the leaked emails. Not Russia, not Putin, not Trump. The emails demonstrate that the DNC worked in collusion with the media to prop up one candidate and erase another. The evidence is there, and no matter how good anyone feels about the “first female candidate” (of a major party, by the way), the DNC acted unfairly and unethically. Not ONE Hillary supporter has ever taken the time to admit that to me, not in Philadelphia and not anywhere since then. Not even on Facebook!

As an educator, doesn’t it bother you on an intellectual level that a political party can tell our media to jump and they ask “how high?” Does that not get even a passing mention? Aren’t you even a little uncomfortable in your gut when you see a fundamentally unfair playing field? Your writing implies that the “leaked emails” (not the collusion, dishonesty, corruption, and anti-Semitic nature of at least one email thread that the leak exposed) were the cause of “further alienation of Bernie Sanders supporters.” It’s not the Bernie people who caused the alienation. It was the DNC. It was just that the Bernie people saw it and felt it long before it was confirmed. A little bit of acknowledgment, especially from educators (who should, ultimately, be seekers of justice) could go a long way in healing the divide about which you write. And believe me, it would go a lot further than a few brilliant lines from FLOTUS or some anecdotes from the women senators.

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