Road to Canada: Part 5

Stuck in Customs

Last week in part 4, I reported that the jerseys arrived. Well, I was half right. Because half the team jerseys arrived. Among those that arrived were the two tiny jerseys for the girls, who happen to be sporting the two different styles. The other half are stuck somewhere between Australia and California.

In other preparation news I did a deep dive into the girls’ closets and discovered that each of them have enough warm clothes that we can layer and make due while we are in Canada. This is great because it saves money, and means I don’t have to add more things to the house that will be moved shortly after we get back. (Catch up on part 4 if you missed it).

Our oldest has been hinting that she still wanted to have a birthday party with all her friends when we got back from Canada. This week I had the honest conversation with her that we just weren’t going to be able to do that. I explained that our house wouldn’t be suitable for a party because we will be packing by then. I said nothing about the financial strain or planning stress. But I did promise we’d do something special in Canada on her birthday. Now we just have to figure out what that is.

We have our tickets for the World Dodgeball finals and we have our tickets for the welcome dinner. Next is figuring out some fun Toronto attractions to take the kids to.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone that has contributed to Nick’s Go Fund Me campaign. I continue to be humbled and astounded by the generosity. With out your support we wouldn’t have made it, especially considering recent events. Fingers crossed we bring home GOLD!