Turning Fifty — Five decades ago I was born, after we went to the moon, JFK was shot, Elvis had his first TV appearance, BeatleMania began, and a young brave man, named Martin Luther King Jr. was the head of the civil rights movement. So, Camelot was destroyed, we had traveled farther than we ever thought we could, into the heavens, we were fighting for equal rights and were rebellious and fun with our music. This all had an impact on my life growing up.

I am an Independant, I believe life is sacred and what our Founding Father’s stood for, that all men and women are born with basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe great things can be accomplished, and that there is both good and evil exist in the world. Mostly though, what I learned from growing up over the past 5 decades is, I have a voice. As did others, this is why we now have Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All are platforms for our thoughts and ideas.

So I find it disgraceful, that our President, would try to condemn that. He should be the biggest cheerleader of it. It is where innovation starts, walls come crumbling down and conflicts are ended or created if needed. It opposes Tyranny and illuminates our struggles, our triumphs and our inspiration. Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech are so important to this. For it to be violated or criticized for anything other than falsehoods, is criminal in my opinion. If we lose these rights, other rights will come tumbling down in a Domino effect. Fight with your words and cry out to protect these basic rights. In other words, continue to be heard.