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電影綠簿旅友的故事發生在 60年代的美國,1876年至1965年間美國正值實施種族隔離制度 — 吉姆·克勞法 Jim Crow Laws,是當時美國在南部以及邊境各州對有色人種實行種族隔離制度的法律。

故事偏偏發生於非裔鋼琴家 Don Shirley (Doc) 與他聘請的司機 Tony Lip 在戲中友誼的變化。整套戲以講述Tony與Doc的南部旅程為主軸,導演彼得費連尼在電影的前期為Tony與Doc的角色立下鮮明的設定。

Last month, a one day design-thinking workshop was hosted by me at the office. It lasts about one hour and a half, a relaxed atmosphere, pairing up with some different kinds of red wine. I was pleased to see everyone enjoying, feeling comfortable while learning design thinking with me in this workshop.

The design thinking workshop was inspired by what I have learnt last year during Design Thinking In Asia, I also took reference from the one hosted by Justin Ferrell of Stanford d. School. You may checkout the video here.

He is a career journalist specializing in organizational behavior…


在過去的週未(2月23日),倡議以開源方式整合呈現公民數據的 香港零時政府 顆拍 公民科技社群開放文化站 Station For Open Cultures,舉辦了第三屆公民科技黑客松。


唯見依賴創科局推進開放數據的運動緩慢,是次黑客松大舉 “Fork the Movement, Fork the Government” 的旗幟,召集社會各界的參與,實行自發性的科技活動。

AIA is one of the largest public listed insurance group in APAC. It is a highly adaptive insurance company that value digital transformation. Therefore, together with ThinkCol, they have organised AIA first hackathon. There were total 108 attendee, including AIA employees from 12 countries took part in this hackathon.


There’s no prize or winning or lose for this Hackathon. There’s however persistence and a call for social well being.

Last year, I went to one of the most remarkable hackathon. That time, my role was a bit different than usual, not only I was one of the helper for the event but also being as one of the participant, I get to learn, to collaborate, make friends along the way and at the end contribute to the community. You can learn more about and Station for Open Cultures. …

our process and solutions

Talking with Irune and her team is one of the best thing to conduct a guerrilla research under a limited time-frame in this hackathon. From our conversation, we understood that internal image tagging process is a hideous work. People use different set of descriptors when referring the same items. At the end the internal products search engine became un-userfriendly and problematic.

Entrance Day

Hack The Rack 2018 is a hackathon event organised by the Fung Group, partner with Microsoft. The hackathon last 2.5 day and gathered with 73 participants, formed in 14 teams in total. Each team formed with diverse skill sets with data scientists, software engineers, UX/UI designers and business units. Together with professionals from different areas, we have to co-create solutions for real business challenges we face within Fung Group.

Problems that we were presented including

  1. User engagement and customization in convenience retail Asia.
  2. Humanizing internal search engine
  3. Streamline the garment measurement process
  4. Freight forecast

Li & Fung Limited is a…

Design thinking workshop in Asia society

Few weeks ago I have attended the design thinking workshop in Asia society. The experience was amazing, not only that I have a chance to connect with more like-minded designers but also an idea for myself of what exactly is design thinking…

The workshop begin with a “Breaking Ice” section. Participants get to know each other by starting the introduction with the sentences in“Yes and…” format. Later the host explain to us by using the “Yes and” format, we are building ideas and further explore on others ideas too. …

Carrie Lau

From Hong Kong, currently in Germany. Check out my work:

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