If More Americans Wept When The Jihadists We Fund Kill Syrians, We Could End War In a Heartbeat

As a peace activist, I follow wars. Always checking for breaking updates first thing in the morning, Saturday I awoke to photos of nine victims of a terrorist attack in Syria in this sad post which includes a sole surviving family member. My tears gushed, weeping until I had a chance to vent through writing over morning coffee — safe and cozy in my home with a view and the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, here in the USA — while on the other side of the world, my tax dollars fund a proxy army of Salafist Wahhabi terrorists in our War OF Terror. Yes, our so-called 17-year War On Terror is really a war that deliberately created our very own proxy army of hard-core terrorists.

Page-turner book. Published in 2016, it is still quite relevant.

Because of the treachery we fund in bullshit wars and covert ops, I weep a few times a week over people I never met in countries I never visited. Do you? If not, what is wrong with you? For the men out there who don’t typically shed tears, do you feel heartfelt sorrow? I feel outrage all the time. Do you? If not, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you not aware of the treason our government commits in our name with our tax dollars?

I’ve had it with the bullshit news media corralling public opinion away from what matters most, while lying about and ignoring important topics. I’ve had it with Obama-worship memes posted by loved ones. I’ve had it with the way friends and family who saw through the WMD psy-op and protested the Iraq war in 2002–3, now choose to remain clueless on wars while posting Russian and Assad hate memes. It’s rough watching you guys be used as unwitting tools by the plutocrats.

Disturbing virtue-signaling Obama-worship Facebook cover photo
Anti-Russian meme

But you know what gets to me the most? It’s that these non-weepers — my loved ones, people I care about — y’all have run out of excuses for your goddamn ignorance. This article is addressed to you — #Resisters. Why? Shocker — many on the right are way ahead of you on peace, and real neocons are a lost cause. Indeed, Trump’s antiwar campaign rhetoric got him elected. I’d hate for you to be left behind in changing history, and your resistance energy — channeled constructively — can make an impact. Bottom line: we need to reach a critical mass to stop the dirty wars.

Conservative pundit, Michael Savage, reacts to the FUKUS missle strike on Damascus, April 2018. He says, “[Trump] bombed his base. . . . Everything we have voted for just went up in smoke!”

Good news! You can still be super anti-Trump by opposing the wars he inherited and is prolonging. Just shift your focus to what really matters, rather than the windmills the media gets you to battle. Focus on cause rather than symptoms. I bet there’s not a reader here without friends or family who have informed you of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act’s legalization of propaganda and provide you with alternative media sources that correct the record on the USA’s dirty wars.

Y’all resisted the Iraq war — a Republican war — yet believe lies about Obama’s wars. Obama himself is a massive psy-op whose hopey change turned into Bush 2.0. I confess: I too was under the Obama spell for years. I campaigned for him twice and proudly donned Obama paraphernalia. During his tenure, my hands were full providing for my special needs child while naively relying on National Propaganda Radio. I was like you back then. I didn’t have a clue. Yep, I trusted him.

Then in 2016, empire miraculously lost control of the narrative. When the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie, many of us started paying attention, read Wikileaks, and got others to perk up too. At this point in 2018, the oligarchs cannot put the genie back in the bottle. They’re in damage control mode. Caitlin Johnstone points out that, like a threatened animal, they’re downright rabid with their spin machine war propaganda.

Our tax dollars and military policy support these American-hating jihadists in Idlib. Watch.This.Video.Now.

Let me spell it out: Obama incubated, funded, armed, trained, and protected terrorists in Syria. As discussed before, we’re supporting the bad guys — savages who ethnically cleanse, rape, sell, and torture civilians all the time, there are no moderate rebels, the war was never an organic civil uprising but rather foreign black ops, and we’re fighting the good guys — Assad , who has an 85% approval rating, Russia and Iran. Our government and mainstream media don’t give a rat’s ass about saving civilians. Here’s a video from 2013 of Obama’s proxy “rebels” in Idlib singing curses to America and death to Shias. Are you aware that when our mainstream media journalists visit Syria, they embed with these Al Qaeda jihadists and spread their lies? This is sometimes referred to as Media Terrorism. I call it treason.

Journalists Vanessa Beeley & Alison Banville and UK Amb. Peter Ford destroy regime change opportunist’s lies.

But this article is not focused on debunking Syrian war propaganda which is done masterfully by three experts debunking an opportunist here in a video not to be missed, and I have already discussed the topic in depth here and here. Instead, my purpose right now is to invite my friends in the #Resistance — aka the #Assistance — to get informed about our dirty wars and help us revive the peace movement. It’s safe to learn the dirt on Obama. The truth sets you free. In Julian Assange’s words: “ “No peace without truth; no war without lies.”

Here are suggestions on how to get up to speed. Ignore mainstream media war propaganda. I get it: not all of us have time for in-depth alternative news. Been there. In that case, follow informed friends and these journalists in social media. Join Facebook groups like this, this and this where you can meet Syrians in Syria and people around the globe. Watch video testimonies of Syrians. View pictures of war casualties. You will soon perceive that in cyber space, Syrians are only a heartbeat away, and you will feel compassion when you listen to their stories.

Bookmark and follow Consortium News, VIPS memos, Mint Press News, Black Agenda Report, 21st Century Wire, Global Research, Hands Off Syria, Caitlin Johnstone, and Antiwar.com — for starters. For a conservative antiwar perspective, check out the Ron Paul Liberty Report and Blackstone Intelligence Network, keeping in mind that we don’t have to agree on everything to work together on ending wars, as modeled by Fault Lines Radio. Unfortunately, reliable Syrian-based news sources were just blocked by YouTube as war tensions heighten, but you can follow Friends of Syria and SANA on Facebook. For additional perspective, RT (I especially enjoy Crosstalk) and Iranian Press TV provide accurate information and excellent debates on war. If you don’t believe me on this latter point, I dare you to see for yourselves. (No worries, I won’t tell.) What better weapon is there than truth? It won’t take you long to realize that the bullshit you hear about RT and Iran is war propaganda. They don’t want you hearing other perspectives. Lastly, progressive comedians Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp add much-needed levity.

The Day I Made All the Front Pages Speaking at a Vietnam Protest

The Vietnam War taught us that peace movements can end war, yet the draft expedited that, so they got rid of the draft. Fast forward to the Iraq war, and after thousands of soldiers returned in coffins and the veteran suicide rate skyrocketed, conservatives — who had previously shrieked expletives & “Traitors!” at our Iraq war protests — suddenly became non-interventionists. So the miscreant warlords changed tactics by hiring proxy jihadists and well-paid foreign mercenaries — with our tax dollars — to fight our dirty wars, recycling the same old regime change lies. Can you not see this?

Undercover trip through Idlib. You will want to learn to recognize Al Qaeda (aka al Nusra & HTS) & ISIS flags.

The most masterful trick the war profiteers played was to install a charming fauxgressive Commander in Chief to expand Bush’s two wars to seven and initiate the drone kill list program that routinely bombs innocents — one of our primary recruiting tools for jihadists who then fight our proxy wars. We trusted Obama’s campaign promises, and just like that, the antiwar movement went into hibernation from whence it has not re-emerged.

“Cassandra Anti-War Fairbanks“ — writer at conservative Gateway Pundit & Julian Assange supporter
Caitlin always nails it. Follow her!

Our dirty wars would cease in a heartbeat if the oligarchs felt the pulse of the nation to be firmly opposed. Instead, take a look at the social media pages of the warlords’ mouthpieces — mainstream media. There you’ll find a large quantity of people in reply threads who are fully duped by war propaganda (of course, some are paid propaganda trolls). Check out the gullible responses to this tweet by jihadist-embedded 60 Minutes. Too many people fall for such bold-faced lies about Assad — a President who has maintained a popularity rating in Syria far exceeding that of recent US presidents.

Western “journalists” embed in jihadist-held territories and report jihadi lies to gullible audiences

We’ve done our darnedest to clue you Non-Weepers in. Yet you plug your ears, retorting, “Lalalala! But Trump! But Putin! But Russia!” You know who you are, dear #Resisters. We’ve been doing this dance for over two years now. Trump Derangement Syndrome impairs your critical thinking. We thoroughly debunk RussiaGate point by point by point, and you reply angrily that we are supporting Trump, while actually we support truth, detente, and the avoidance of nuclear Armageddon. We debunk mainstream lies on Syria, and again you exclaim we’re supporting Trump, even though his administration has continued Obama’s nefarious proxy strategy that we oppose.

We’ve told you all this until we’re blue in the face. Yet you channel your valuable energy into the giant nothing-burger called RussiaGate and your pussy-hat marches against Trump, that simply prove to the neocon oligarchs and pundits that when they say “Jump!” you reply “How how?” Instead, why don’t you show them that you’re done with their fucking wars? Why don’t you resist that? Many of you were among us millions who marched February 15, 2003. Mainstream media laps up your pussyhat marches, no pun intended. You know how to do this — but don’t expect establishment press to back you.

This ^^^

One of the main arguments I hear is a disbelief that people in our government could be that evil. That’s because you’re projecting your own empathy onto actual psychopaths and those they blackmail. Just look at what they did to Iraq knowing full well the whole WMD thing was made up: an estimated 2.4 million dead, not counting the maimed, tortured, displaced, raped, trafficked, organ harvested, hungry, lonely, homeless, and lost loved ones. In short: a holocaust. Just like Nazis, except with fine-tuned propaganda.

As the battle for Idlib gets underway, war propaganda intensifies, as do Israeli and US counter strikes. Yesterday the US-backed Kurdish forces ambushed and slaughtered fourteen Syrian soldiers in Qamishly. We have the power to stop this. Indeed: It.Is.Our.American.Responsibility. The world is waiting. Meantime, the war profiteers are laughing their asses to the bank. At this point, sufficient truth about our wars is available that Americans who remain silent or support the bad guys are complicit.

Another conservative who gets it. Resisters: please get up to speed.

Once you comprehend just how dirty our wars are, you will weep too and weep often, dear #Resisters, not only for the innocent, but for the way cruel atrocities inhumanely turn more people into terrorists. You will feel the outrage and want to shout the truth from rooftops. We will become unstoppable in collectively demanding an end to America’s dirty wars. Each day you wait, more innocents die while kind-hearted people around the world deeply mourn the butchery done by American empire — courtesy of our hard-earned tax dollars — in our name.

Channel your powerful resistance energy into peace activism. Stop letting yourself be used by the establishment to perpetuate the status quo. Don’t believe the psychopath war propagandists. As long as you do, the death and destruction is on your hands too. I hope you will participate in genuine resistance to war and build a new peace movement with us. #NotInOurName #NoMoreWar #Peace #HandsOffSyria

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