New Team

I was transferred to a new team as new year plan.

My job is the same and some of my previous teammates stay with me, while some are changed.

First, the team manager is changed.

The new team manager is famouse as a bad manager.

He is kind as a team mate, but he changes and becomes bad when he is a team manager.

So people thought he would never be a manager again, but he became one since 2 years ago.

Second, my coworker, the senior technician will leave our team 3 months later with other 2 co-workers.

It means my team has only 2 members, plus themanager. I am part of the two, and the other member is a beginner. (He has been working for 6 months only.)

New year is not kind to me. I am worring about my new team, though I am not pessimistic.

I want to believe that everything is going to be better than now.

(this is my last hope…)

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