Everyday After (Or Married Life after the Wedding)

Weddings always make me think, particularly when hearing the speeches.One thing that stuck out to me is the idea of Happily Ever After.

I want to change this, to me it implies a life with only ups. It’s the whole fairy tale come true, where after the problems you’ve had are solved by your marriage to this person. That there will be no more problems. Instead, I want to say that marriage is about Everyday After.

Everyday After is the fact that you will fight, but you’ll get through it. It’s about apologizing, communicating and realizing when you’re wrong, and owning up to it. It’s about saying I’m sorry, and meaning it. It’s about taking the time to show you appreciate the little things they do when your not arguing about an issue you may eventually look back at and laugh because it really wasn’t that big in the long run. There’s that as well, you have to realize that 1, 5 or even 10 years down the road, that thing your arguing about will be nothing more then a blink in time.

Everyday After is the fact that it’s no longer about you. It’s about you and your spouse. It’s about asking if you can go somewhere, as a way to communicate and make sure there’s nothing going on before you head out the door. It’s about taking the time to make a meal that they love, just because. It’s about the quiet moments where you cuddle and say I love you. It’s about crawling out of bed quietly so they can sleep in a little while you deal with the morning’s activities. It’s about those times when you want them around, but know they need a chance to head out and do something as a way to recharge. It’s about recognizing those moments.

Everyday After is about learning to smile, laugh, and find activities you enjoy together, while also learning to enjoy the silence while you do separate activities in the same room.

Everyday After is about enjoying the ups, capturing them in your heart, so that when it comes to the downs, you can work together to get through them, and strengthen yourselves to weather them. Everyday After is about the life you’ve chosen to make together, and knowing that the excitement of your new commitment, the excitement of your relationship will fade, and what’s been forged so far will be something new and different. It will be a love that is strong and tempered like a blade, and it’s a good thing. Attraction will take a different form, and should be shown when it can be.

There is also this for me about Everyday After. Everyday After for me, is building my faith and my love of the Lord, with the person he sent into my life. Building our relationship with him has made it so that our relationship is stronger. When we lose sight of him, we’re inviting in problems that have the power to pull us apart. Everyday After is about that promise we made between us and God.

This is thanks to a wedding on August 25, 2016, and I ended up posting it on my Facebook page on August 26, 2016.