After the memorial service
we were surrounded by family
and friends
Panoramic photo of my parents’ property. It was put on the market this year. My Dad will never have to endure the pain of seeing it sold to someone else.

He called us all “Babe”.

John on his motorcycle
1973, John’s business idea/invention, the Easy Whacker gardening tool.
John Dempsey Toney (birth-name)

Eulogy for John Hurst

John and little sister Debbie
My grandparents, Darrell and Marge Hurst
Hurst family
Photo taken on one of our many outings to (“The Packinghouse” or “The Ranch”) Twin Hill Ranch.
John graduated from Analy High school in 1971
This was taken in the ground-breaking days of Mt. Gilead. My Grandpa Hurst was one of the “founding fathers” of Mt. Gilead. My Dad did a variety of work out there (pictured swinging a sledgehammer). He excavated trees, dug ditches and was occasionally called to work while he was a camper.
Photo of my own Mt. Gilead adventure. I loved those weeks at Mt. Gilead! Each year I would enjoy seeing an old photo hanging in the room behind the sanctuary. It was a large group photo taken when my Dad was there. Last time I went, the photo was gone. I wonder where it is now…
Trinity became a third-generation camper in 2016 (Kids Camp). My girls will walk where he walked and sing where he sang, just as I did.

… But you’d be wrong.

Debate. Conversation. Passion. Confidence. Lightning-thoughts.

Grandma Hurst
Grandpa Hurst


and sing

and hum

and whistle.

My Dad was hard worker.

My Dad had a special relationship with his father-in-law. Both named John, they went on family fishing trips and worked building my parents’ house together.
John with birth-father Joe Toney (Louisiana)
John fishing with his half-brother Gary in Louisiana

Our Dad will be remembered as:

A prankster

This is my Dad’s old camera. He had several of his photographs used in his Multnomah Bible College yearbook. My Dad and his brother Kenny had a darkroom (or 2 darkrooms?) at Pleasant Hill Christian School where they developed their photos. He continued on with photography as a hobby taking beautiful photos of his children, grandchild and on other outings.

A photographer

A great debater

The Family Chef

A green thumb

A spider killer

A blogger

A Bible scholar

A hard worker

A babysitter

A husband

My parents were married on September 16th, 1978 at Christian Life Center (which later become the Luther Burbank Center).
Mom and Dad
We loved going for a ride on that tractor!

A father

Teri “helping” with the apple bins. My parents operated an apple juice business on their property, our main source of income, for many years.
Teri, Dad and I.

A Papa

Melody (left) and Trinity with their Nana and Papa


A poet.

Grandpa’s Apples

My sister, Teri, did a wonderful job reading two of our Dad’s poems at the service.

We were famous!

The Ember

In September 2015 my parents celebrated their anniversary in Hawaii! This had been a long-awaited trip and I’m so glad they had the chance to do this together.
Here we are on a hay ride at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm in Sebastopol. This was our last family outing with Dad. The tree farm was very reminiscent of Twin Hill Ranch with its’ hill top location, apple trees, farm animals, ancient playground equipment, Christmas gift shop, and tasty snack bar. We are looking forward to going again next Christmas season.