I’m Offended

  • Reading this made me feel so validated. I have been writing my thoughts down ever since this madness started but I’ve struggled to find the right words. Thank you for writing this, it is exactly how I feel. It’s so much easier to agree when you follow these principles. It’s impossible to agree on every issue because we all have different experience, struggles, fears, etc. Dictating a set of morals is not freedom, it is suppression. I’m afraid of sending my daughter off to college in a few years because the very institutions that should be teaching free thought and expression are suppressing it. There always seems to be an agenda, there seems to be no middle ground. You are either fighting with us or you are evil. If you say nothing, you are evil. If you are associated with anyone we disagree with, you are evil. I hope this is not the majority because it is scarier to me than terrorism or global warming.
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