Because the weather was so nice, Andrew and I decided to take a little trip! We drove up to Devil’s Lake area near Madison, WI and hiked around Parfrey’s Glen and Natural Bridge. We did some soft-core climbing as well. Next time we go it will definitely be a little warmer and we’ll have rope.

Natural Bridge was pretty cool. I especially loved the big sign that said, “Climbing of the rock is prohibited.” Any one who had the idea to climb this, would, and wouldn’t care about some stupid sign. That’s what I have to say, DNR.

We stopped at Parfey’s Glen, which was amazing! So much rock- a climbers jungle gym. Had it been warmer and had we had some rope, we could have easily spent all day here. The stream goes right through all of this with small rapids and little waterfalls. Climbing up the sides to look over the whole glen was great. I can’t wait to go back in spring all fall!

Also on our trip was Pewit’s Nest. It kind of poped up randomly while we were driving around aimlessly, trying to think of something to do. I think it was my favorite stop of the day. I love sitting on top of the rock, looking out at all of it, just thinking about our next adventure. Next on the list is High Cliff State Park, Rabbit Rock, Pictured Rocks, and the Boundary Waters. I’m definitely ready for some kayaking/climbing/backpacking/camping\slacklining!

Oh yeah. We also went to Boulder’s Climbing Gym in Madison. It was nice, but there’s no place like AdRock. Although Boulder’s does have Organic Climbing gear, nothing beats the atmosphere, routes, or employees at Adventure Rock. That’s the one sucky thing about moving- I’ll have to find a new gym!

Until the next adventure!