11 Scarves That Say “I Don’t Have a Hickey, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. “I don’t have a hickey, it’s cold outside.”

2. “You have to have a neck to have a hickey. I am a scarf.”

3. “Son of a bitch.”

4. “I don’t like how Hannibal Buress doesn’t wear glasses anymore.”

5. “My life goal? Choke my owner to death. It’s an instinct that every infinity scarf is born with.”

6. “If I could get goosebumps, I would have them right now. But I am a scarf, so I do not get goosebumps. But I can read the Goosebumps books no problem.”

7. “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

8. “My favorite singer has got to be Adele. My favorite show? I don’t know. Probably Property Brothers. But I really enjoyed Jessica Jones. My favorite Bond? Timothy Dalton, hands down.”

9. “It’s colder than what the iPhone Weather app said.”

10. “I thought Grease Live! was really fun.”

11. “Global Warming is a serious issue. But what scientists, college liberals on social media, and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t talking about is the fact that global warming will eradicate my people. Without scarf weather, what will happen to the scarves? We will be thrown in Goodwill donation boxes, never to be bought for two cents. That’s my two cents. Haha! Ha.”

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