Some Subject Lines of Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails, Probably

  1. Just touching base
  2. Where are you?
  3. Dinner tonight
  4. Re: Jon Snow is alive!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Flash Sale at Reformation Hardware even though if you’re a customer here you don’t really need sales tbqh
  6. Hillary? It’s Me, Your Friend The Real Billy Joel. Not Spam.
  7. When can we chat “Battle of the Bastards“?????
  8. Re: Going forward
  9. Your Receipt from Expensive Restaurant
  10. Today’s Actionables
  11. Re: I Forgive & Respect You, Monica Lewinsky
  12. Hi, Rich and Successful Alumnus! Donate To Wellesley Today
  13. This Afternoon’s Thought Shower
  14. Announcing Commercial Free Hulu
  15. Welcome To Birchbox!
  16. Obama’s Assistant Keeps Calling
  17. A Problem Regarding Your Cheese of the Month Delivery
  18. Hurry — White House Staff Oscar Ballots Are Due At 4pm!!!!!
  19. Benghazi: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  20. Sorry I Missed Your Calls
  21. Re: To my daughter: lunch with my grandchild next week
  22. Hey Hunny Bunny! It’s Bill, Baby!
  23. Broad City Cameo
  24. Yale Law School Reunion Deetz
  25. You’re Invited To The Richest People In The Hamptons Memorial Day Party Love Jerry Seinfeld
  26. Pantsuit Nation: Your Customized Order Is On The Way!
  27. Hey Hunny Bunny! Bill again. Do you like salmon? I forget.
  28. Re: How Can I Sound Like A Human Person When I Talk, Goddamnit?
  29. Thanks for sticking with Blackberry!
  30. Hunny Bunny! Bill here. Did you find out if they’re ok with calling me First Ladies Man yet?