Beware the bullshit headlines

How To Achieve Peace of Mind at the Sight of List Posts

A Complete Guide

Dear Baher, I can see the exasperation you are trying to express here. I will not enter the debate in details: it would make me feel a fool, as I actually do not read these posts you mention, especially the ones about career and such, simply because they are not relevant to my personal / professional situation.

However, may I add a spoonful of humor and suggest an article I have written when I started blogging: “5 Reasons Why I Am Writing A List Post When I Said I Wouldn’t

I felt a tad of dismay at the sight of these posts you mention during the first weeks of my writing activities. I was just a young and inexperienced blogger who could guess the rocketing stats of these posts and their taunting shadow over my anonymous posts. And then I thought: “Oh well.”

I now have readers and followers of my own and I love them for the consideration they show, for commenting, highlighting and reading. I have felt your exasperation, but the dichotomy you mention between those posts and the other posts doesn’t seem to prevent both to co-exist in (relative) peace. They each have their own readers I guess, but they also seem to have an interesting overlap in their readership.

EDIT: On second thought, may I also tag Lisa Renee and her List Post “My NaNoWriMo” which — purposefully or not — wittily recycles the tricks & baits of the aforementioned posts? I’m just trying to add fuel for further thinking here, because I think a reflection on what you’re pointing at would be interesting — although I’m guessing it might lead to some arguments.

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