I am curious what you think about this — I write in two languages on Medium and topics are wildly…
Ilya Bezdelev

If I were you, I wouldn’t create two accounts. I didn’t. Your multilingualism is part of your identity as a writer. I am pretty sure your Followers will pick what they want to / can read. Do not divide your audience.

Actually, advertise yourself as a two-languaged writer. Write about it.

There are a few things you can do.

Try to translate some of your posts, after you wrote them in your preferred language. I was reluctant to do that at first, I was afraid to “betray” the original texts, but it turned out to give interesting results. It’s good training as well in terms of honing your skills as a two-languaged writer. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn, even about writing in your native language!

When posting the link to your pieces on your social media (for instance on Facebook), try and write a two-languaged synopsis of it, at least to inform the readers who won’t be able to read it.

Finally, try to know your readers: who are your Russian-speaking readers and why do they follow you? Are they fluent in English? Same questions regarding your English-speaking readers. How do these two networks overlap?