So happy and so proud

Love to America, from France.

I know it will sound kind of lame, and like an easy post to publish. I’m sure that, in the days to come, there will be many awesome and interesting quality articles posted on Medium and everywhere else on the world wide web to celebrate, reflect and discuss on the historic decision of the USA Supreme Court, taken yesterday, June 26th 2015. Each and every one of these articles will be much more interesting than this one.

But I really wanted to say publicly to whoever might read me how profoundly happy I am for American men and women today. For those who fought for decades, for those who hoped, for those who supported their friends, family members, neighbors, or perfect strangers.

I updated my profile picture on Facebook, I updated my profile picture on my Facebook page, I posted a post on my Facebook page, and now I’m posting this completely improvised article on Medium. I just feel like a kid going completely out of her mind with happiness and not knowing what to do to let it out. In a moment I might start running all over the walls and ceiling.

Why am I so happy?

Because, aside from all the empathy that I may feel as an “LGBT” person (someday we won’t need to use that label anymore: let’s make it our next goal, shall we?), I know, I feel everyday, that this is a fucked-up world. People kill, rape, maim, steal, condemn to death, lie, despair, commit suicide, engage in terrorism.

And despite all of this, Humanity, against all odds, still finds the time, the energy, the willingness, to sometimes stop in its crazy tracks and gather to consider such petty, non prioritary matters as Love, Happiness, and Equality.

I mean, just think about this: people fought for decades (fucking DECADES) and other people supported them, to obtain the right to love and legally give their life to the person they love. I mean, how romantic, how old-fashioned, how unlikely does that sound? People still believing in that kind of absolute, ethereal, uncompromised love? Ha.

Yes they do.

And yes, they could.

Love, from France.

And congratulations ❤

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