Lyon from above the Saône River. © Carrie Speaking

Cravings and Humanity

The Snapshot Series (#5)

Chocolate éclairs. She has been having this craving. It is a bright, crisp winter afternoon in Lyon. She walks, neat gloves on, in the familiar streets. Her eyes are half-closed, purring.

A red-haired, colorful, beshawled old lady is standing beside the boulangerie. She says, with an exquisite smile: “Would you mind buying me a pain au chocolat, love?” Their eyes meet. They reflect everything: the crisp air; the neat gloves; the craving.

The gloved lady returns with two bags: two chocolate éclairs, three pains au chocolat. She puts the three warm, buttery pieces into the beshawled lady’s hands.

Here they stand: two women with their afternoon treat. The gloved lady looks at the beshawled lady’s hands. They are dry and worn. “I don’t get warm water at home.” She is holding her buttery bag tight. This bag is an important piece of evidence. Humans have cravings; therefore, she is human.


This post is part of the Snapshot Series on Carrie Speaking: Snapshots of life, 150-word photographs of human encounters.

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