Downtown Noe Valley, San Francisco. © Carrie Speaking (cropped).

Veggie Dogs and Raviolis

The Snapshot Series (#3)

She stands in front of ranges of tofu products (ranges of them are expected in Noe Valley). She is in a rush. She bumps into a tall guy with an apron. He says “SoRy”, with a rolling R and a rolling smile.

“Do you want to taste my Ravioli?” he says; “I beg your parDon?” she says, with a dental D and a dented smile.

They both pause; they both heard the foreign land, the hours in a plane, the displacement, the hopes that someday, maybe.

“I’m French. You?”.

“I’m Polish. I came to AmeRica to sell Raviolis!”.

“You DiD?”.

He tells her about the foreign land; she hears the displacement. He tells her about the hopes and the American woman he married. She hears the fear that someday, maybe not.

They wave goodbye. She grabs a pack of veggie dogs. He pours raviolis into someone’s cup.

This post is part of the Snapshot Series on Carrie Speaking: Snapshots of life, 150-word photographs of human encounters.

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