When I become anxious it is hard to see the road ahead. Lines get blurred. Tasks become too large. Time seems like it is happening too quickly for me to keep up.

It is difficult to talk yourself out of the anxiety loop. You have an anxious thought which makes you feel more deeply anxious. Then you have a more severely anxious thought, which of course causes deeper anxiety.

Although, for some reason, when any of my friends are anxious I can talk them out of it. I can tell them the logic of the situation. Then they easily see that there is nothing to worry about. Then they end up feeling much better, usually.

Why is it then…

Why is it then, that I can’t do this for myself. I slow my breathing, I tell myself rational thoughts, I try so hard. However, it isn’t until another mind with a second perception tells me rational thoughts — perhaps even tge same ones i told myself moments ago — that my anxious mind will truly come down off that cloud and believe it.

“You got this!”

Perhaps it is easier to believe in yourself when someone else is also rooting for you. Perhaps it is easier to allow yourself to slow down a little bit when someone else permits you to. Perhaps it is easier to carry an overwhelming load when you know you’ve got another set of hands to help you lift it.

Whatever the reason it works this way I just wanted to say: you’ve got this! It’s just tasks to take care of and problems to solve. You are capable of that.