How to be okay here and now

You must set goals ahead in order to achieve them. But you must also be okay with who you are here and now or you won’t feel you are able to get to the next step.

In my lowest points, even getting out of bed seemed impossible. But I told myself that if I stood up maybe I could eat. And if I could eat, then maybe I could shower. And if I did that, then maybe I could go to class.

And eventually those tiny goals became larger. Now I am about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree. That is something I never thought I would do.

So my advice to you: bite off more than you can chew. Get up and do the thing that seems really hard. Tomorrow it will be easier. Tomorrow you will do something even bigger.

Tomorrow you may not feel like you can take on the world but one day, I promise you will feel like you can! Just start by taking on the next day, hour, minute… whatever!

And in 10 years you​ will look back on your greatest struggles and only be thankful because that will be where you will find your strength.

Baby steps . . .

You got this!