My Journey to e-Estonia -3

My process and experience

Tere (hello), this is the story of my journey to get and enjoy the e-residency from the free and independent nation of the Republic of Estonia (Eesti Vabariik).

3: My Process and Experience to E-residency

Dear Reader,

I applied to it like thousands of others and I think it is a great idea. I ran across it in Mid February and then applied to it in early March. You can apply yourself at this site or you can just learn more here.

It actually took me more time to write my cover letter attachment for the application that they called, “Reason for Application”, which allows 3000 characters. I took about 30 minutes or so I guess to write it. It is was around 300 words. I won’t post what I wrote here but I have given hints to in these articles. So just read between the lines.

I got a reception email 24 hrs after sending it in and was approved about 48 hours after that. So 3 days to get accepted as an E-resident. Which according to other articles and even videos that I have seen, is a super fast rate of response. So I would imagine that they have streamlined what they are doing. And with all the information that they requested to know about anything anyone could have on a individual, I guess I’m as clean as a whistle.

These are the pick up locations for the ID card (

I had chosen to apply to the e-residency in March do to the fact that I was making a trip to NYC at the end of the month and found it convenient to pick it up at their NYC consulate. You can see the many locations that they have above. It was near the UN on the island of Manhattan a few floors up. I had contacted them ahead and the security guard took my info.

Inside the office was only one person when I first walked in. I gave her my name and was invited into a small side room where I was asked(required) to give my 2 index finger-prints as a biometric confirmation. I had read before that they need my fingerprint but no one every really specifies all or one. As I said mentioned before I have NO record and found this a bit unusual since I am not a full citizen and even my own government (USA) doesn’t have that info. But I’ll dive into that another time. Then I was given my card reader and some documents as well the ID-card and sent on my way. Not more then 10 to 15 minutes I would say.

“The world may have shrunken from technology, but it’s ripe for exploration.”~N.A. Rosas
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