Making Our Way to California


Taking a late flight out of San Diego got me to Milwaukee a little after three this morning. I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep on the plane. Instead, I read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six between restroom breaks. I always found isle seating more convenient. I can sometimes be a bad flyer. It hadn’t been a particularly bad flight but I know I was nervous — not with the flight — it was pleasant to have most of the cabin sleeping while I shuffled back and forth from lavatory to seat and back again but with what would follow.

I love Katie. She’s my soul mate. I knew it very quickly. I think it took Katie longer to fall for me. She’ll deny it but it doesn’t really matter who felt what when. We both ended up in love with one another. (But I got there first, Honey!) I met Katie online through a Facebook group devoted to culinary wannabes. I posted a photo of a decent coconut cream French toast I struggled with all evening on the group page and got an encouraging reply from Katie. I’ve been in love with her ever since.

We’ve had a wonderful two-year relationship, albeit long distance but we’ve made it work by staying in constant contact. Katie has taken walks with me, gone to the grocery store, driven with me to work, accompanied me to parties with family and friends, anywhere I have been Katie’s warm smile was with me, all via video chat. We’ve also sent millions of text messages (I think the last time I checked with the phone company it was 2,192,256 and that was back in March, Babe! We probably broke a record!) over the course of our relationship and we’ve taken two Disney World vacations for our anniversary.

Today is the start of our new chapter. Katie is finally moving to San Diego with me. She’s been working as a freelance web developer since before we were together and it’s perfect because she can do her job anywhere in the world. I asked her to move in with me at the end of our second trip to Disney World and though we had planned to move in together much sooner than this (We’re four months overdue.), Katie was exploring a job opportunity with a new start-up in Milwaukee. It could have been a great opportunity for her but would have derailed our plans even further. The job fell through but we’re fortunate things worked out the way they did and though San Diego may not have the same tech scene Northern California is known for, Katie’s a smart girl and I’m sure she can find opportunities in So Cal.

I took a cab to Katie’s and let myself in using the spare key she kept hidden in the backyard. The place looked larger with everything boxed up and huddled in the center of the living room, marked and ready for travel. I didn’t want to wake Katie up too early so I laid down on the carpet to get some sleep.

The sweet smell of coffee drifted out from the kitchen as morning crept through the bare windows. I watched Katie float back and forth in the kitchen as I lay on the floor. It was such an intimate sight. A vision we never could have produced two thousand miles away from one another.

“Good morning, Honey.” I groaned from my spot on the floor.

“I figured we should grab some lunch on the road. Unless you’re really hungry. Want me to make you some eggs?” The back of her head disappeared into the fridge.

“No. It’s better if we stop someplace for lunch. I’ll take some coffee, though.”

“Okay but I’ve packed all the kitchen stuff. We can share a mug.”

It was such an endearing predicament. Soon we would be sharing everything anyway.

“Come here.” I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her. “I love you.”

“You should brush your teeth.” Katie handed me her half-empty mug. “I put your travel bag on the sink.”

“Thanks, Babe.” I gave her a playful smack on the rear and she promptly returned the favor on my shoulder.

“Drink your coffee. I have to get ready.” Katie broke free from me and walked back toward her bedroom. “They said the truck will be here by seven. I’m just going to hop into the shower before the guy gets here.”

“Can I join you?” I took a slug of her coffee.

“Very funny.” I didn’t think so. “I’ll be out in ten minutes.”

I wouldn’t need that long. Our last trip to Disney World was months ago. I hadn’t held Katie in my arms since May. We’d had sex only five times so far. Twice on our first trip and three times on our second and while it was great, I have to admit that not being able to get physical with someone you love is very difficult. We did a lot of sexting (Sorry if this is embarrassing, Babe.) after our first trip but that quickly fizzled out. I tried to get Katie to webcam for me but she was always so paranoid, going on and on about this or that program that could record the feed from who knows what, from who knows where and that she would know given her job. Katie did gift me a thumb drive during our second trip filled with photos of her breasts and butt and even a short video of her masturbating. It’s the only thing that’s held me over. I’ve jerked off to that video more than anything else and now Katie was only a few feet away. (You have no idea how crazy your hotness can make me.)

After I finished her coffee I walked over to the bathroom and knocked tentatively.

“Is the guy here already?”

“No.” I opened the door just enough to let my voice through. “Can I come in and brush my teeth?”

“Yeah.” Katie said absently. “Just don’t use the hot water — I’ll freeze in here.”

I watched the blurred curves of her body turn and fall through the steamed glass. (I know, I know. I’m such a perv.) I ached to love the woman I loved but I knew if I pressed the issue, Katie would pull away. “How long do you think before we hit the road? I saw the boxes in the living room. How many more are there?”

“A few.” Katie answered. “The bedroom is kind of full but I donated a lot of stuff and the landlord is going to get rid of the couches and the bed for me so we don’t have to worry about that. It’ll be quick.”

“Good.” My mouth full of toothpaste. “We want to make as much headway as we can.” Spit.

And we did. I wanted to carve through the distance. I wanted Katie home with me. I wanted “our” home to finally become a reality and after two of the greatest and most bittersweet years of my life, that reality was only a thirty-one hour drive away.

“Are you done?” Katie asked.

“Yeah. Need me to come in there?” I coaxed.

“Ha, ha. Go wait out front. I don’t want the guy to miss the house.”

“I think you missed a spot. Look, I can see it from here.” I knew I was pushing it.

“Can you go outside, please.” I managed to annoy her. (Totally worth it.)

I could make out the moving truck parked on the curb and the silhouette of a man standing at the front door.

“Good morning.” The man greeted me as soon as I opened the door. “Is Katie Lipowsky home?”

“Yes but she’s in the shower.”

“No problem. Can you sign for the truck?” He handed me a big block of a machine.

“Sure.” I signed the small green screen on the hulking electronic device and handed it back to him.

“And what’s your name, sir?” He asked.

“Greg Mills.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mills. You’re all set.” He walked away before I could thank him and jumped into the passenger seat of an awaiting pickup truck and sped off.

We were set to go. I could hear Katie was out of the shower and moving about her bedroom. This was it. The moment I’d been waiting for. We would soon be making our way to California and making our way into a new life. (This is going to be great!)