A Basic Guide To Double Glazing

A Basic Guide To Double Glazing

Most people know that they should have double glazing on their windows and doors, but not everyone is aware of why. Before you buy anything you should understand why you need it and how it will help you. To fully understand double glazing you need to know what it is, the advantages it offers and what the overall benefits are.

What Is Double Glazing

The best place to start would be to know what double glazing is. A double glazed window has 2 panes of glass with a layer of air separating them. The double panes and air are what make them different to traditional windows. Most older buildings have single glazed windows which are a single pane of glass.

The Advantages of Double Glazed windows

There are 4 primary advantages to double glazing when compared to single glazing. The first is that warmer air is kept inside the property resulting in lower heating bills and fewer drafts. The second advantage is that double glazing works at keeping outside noises out. This means that you will hear less street noise inside your home.

The third advantage is that the amount of condensation inside your windows will reduce. The last advantage is that these windows are more secure. It is harder to break a pane of double glazed glass when compared to single glaze.

Effect On Energy Bills

One of the overall benefits that people have with double glazing is that their energy bill is reduced. A survey done of homeowners with double glazing found that 60% felt their home was warmer while only 36% stated that they had seen a reduction in energy bills. If you have double glazing you should see a reduction in energy bills due to the fact that you home loses less heat through the windows.

Choosing Double Glazing Frames

When you look at double glazed windows you will notice that there are a number of different frame types available. It is important that you have frames which work well with the glass otherwise you will not receive the full benefits of the double glazing. The most common frame type is uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. These frames are fairly cheap and energy-efficient.

If you want wood frames you can get uPVC frames that are finished to look like wood. Actual wood frames would not be a good option for double glazed windows as they are not energy efficient and could negate some of the benefits of the glass. However, if you look after the frames properly they could last a very long time.

Alternatives to Double Glazing

If you are unable to install double glazing in your property there is one alternative. Secondary glazing is the alternative which offers a second layer of glass over your existing window. While it is not as effective as double glazing it will still help you save money.

Double glazing for windows and doors is something that all homeowners should consider. These windows help to keep the heat in your home which results in lower energy bills. Of course, it is important that you hire a good contractor when you install the windows.

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