Timeline: Do Something Fun: 9/24, Mind Map (image): 9/23, Mind Map (digitalization): 9/27, Suggested Themes: 9/23, 10 Silly Ideas: 9/25

Do Something Fun

For my fun activity I decided to go back to a park I saw this summer. I found it when I was on a walk and thought it looked super fun but did not have time to stop there. So I figured this assignment was the perfect excuse for me to go explore the park and new playground equipment I have not seen before.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

  • Stroke Treatment: My mom works directly with neurologists who specialize in stroke so I occasionally hear fascinating stories about how stroke patients were treated.
  • Relaxation (yoga/meditation): With college comes a lot of anxiety and people choose to deal with this through different types of relaxation.
  • Music Therapy: Music therapy was another major I explored at the beginning of college so I thought it would be fun to see how I could incorporate it into design.

10 Silly Ideas

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