Think you’re scared this Halloween? How about Mike Coffman…

Forget the home-made Ken Bone costumes — we all know that Mike Coffman is the one that’s truly in a scary situation this Halloween. He is facing the race of his life to hold on to his seat in Congress, neck-and-neck with Morgan Carroll. In the holiday spirit, here are some things that Mike Coffman has to be scared of this Halloween.

1. Morgan Carroll has more grassroots support than Mike does

Carroll has DOUBLE the support from grassroots donors two weeks out from the election. While Morgan relies on support from grassroots voters, Coffman is relying on the Koch brothers to bail him out this election — it must be tough to rely on special interests when your opponent has the support of our community!

How our grassroots canvassers are feeling.

2. Democrats are leading in ballot returns

As noted by The Denver Post, Democrats have the lead in ballot returns. Some are calling this a “Carroll Surge”, and Coffman is certainly feeling it 8 days out from the election. Mike’s gotta be like…

Which one is Paul Ryan?

3. The Ghost of Actions Past

Mike is probably afraid of his record, or at least he ought to be. Remember how Mike said Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme? Or how about when he condemned the DREAM Act? Not to mention being an original birther (so long as he’s behind closed doors)? #spooky

Yes, you have Mike. You’ve made many.

4. Mike’s FALSE ATTACKS keep falling through!

Mike and his Republican allies are obviously wary of his chances, otherwise they wouldn’t have run ads rated as false, exaggerated, or “simply not true”. Voters, however know it’s a trick…

Colorado knows better.

5. Someone might just ask him how he’s voting for President.

Coffman is afraid to vote for president, or at least letting hard-working Coloradans know whom he’s supporting. Mike Coffman has said that he likely WON’T be voting for President — despite sharing a vehement anti-women record (Mike Coffman said he “doesn’t know” if Donald Trump is a sexual predator), mass deportation plan, and birther roots.

We here at Carroll for Colorado are tired of Coffman and the Republican Party pulling the same stunts in Congress. From denying climate change to opposing women’s rights to causing government shut downs, we couldn’t agree with Jack any more:

Same to you, GOP.

You want to make Mike Coffman’s worst fear come true?

Vote for Morgan Carroll.

Visit, or the election sites for Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties, to find out how to get your ballot in!

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