How to fix the Internet Explorer browser problems?

IE is one of the most popular browser used round the world. It has built-in security features which protects the system from any attack from Internet through malware or viruses. Internet explorer is highly reliable and doesn’t get effected from heavy websites. User can work with other tabs in the browser if a particular tab is not working.

But being one of the most reliable browsers also there are few issues that the user faces. This article describes the common browser issues along with the troubleshooting steps. Contact Internet Explorer customer service if the user is not able to fix the browser problems effectively.

The most common problem that the user faces is IE not working or crashes unexpectedly. User can over the problem with the help of browser troubleshooting. There might be issue with the browser add-ons if the browser is crashing frequently. It can be browser compatibility problem also behind the browser crash.

Follow the troubleshooting steps for fixing the IE browser –

  1. Disable the add-ons in the browser and then run the browser. If the browser works properly then the problem was in add-ons.
  2. Fix the browser problems by resetting the Internet Explorer settings. Default settings results in smooth functioning of the browser. Go to Advanced tab and reset the browser settings.
  3. Disable the hardware acceleration and enable software rendering to fix the Internet Explorer problems. After enabling the option restart the browser once.
  4. Malware can be also the reason for a browser problem. Scan for malware in the browser and fix the malware. Check the malicious software using the Microsoft Security Essentials.
  5. Regularly update the browser to keep it away from any problem. Browser updates are available time to time and user need to enable the pop-up of update.

Some of the common troubles faced while using the browser are –

  • Not able to access web pages in the browser.
  • Error message is displayed as ‘404 Error: Page cannot be displayed’.
  • Browser tab gets frozen often and stops responding.
  • Audio or video is not working in IE.
  • Not able to download files or folders.

Update the browser regularly to get rid of the Internet Explorer issues. Here are the methods user can try to update the browser –

Method 1

  • Open IE and hover over the gear icon on right.
  • Click on it and from the drop-down select About Internet Explorer.
  • To update the new version of IE click Install new versions automatically.

Method 2

  • Explore IE and select Tools at the top-right.
  • Now select ‘Windows Update’ and choose ‘Customs’. Wait for the update processing.
  • Click ‘Clear All’ under High-priority updates.
  • Now select updates related to IE from the list and then click ‘High-priority updates’.

How to delete the IE browser details?

Browser details are stored as cookies and cache and it might cause problem in the browser in functioning to its full potential. It is rather advisable to remove or delete the browser details to clear the browser history. To delete the browser history follow the steps –

  • Open Internet Explorer and move to the ‘Favorite’ option.
  • Click on History tab now. Select filter form the menu and select the way of reviewing history.
  • Right click on email and select ‘Delete’ to remove the browser details totally.

Try out the alternative steps if the user is not able to remove the browser history details permanently –

  • Click on Tools on Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Safety and remove the browser details one by one.
  • Or else click ‘Delete browser history’ at the bottom.
  • Check the details before deleting and permanently remove the browser details.

Internet Browser not working properly? Not able to fix the common browser issues? Contact Internet Explorer customer support and have direct conversation regarding the concern. Support professional diagnoses the problem remotely for giving a solution. As the team is technically trained and capable of solving the issues instantly, so it is advisable to contact the expert before it gets out of hand. User can dial the helpline number to reach out directly or also can email the support team with the issues. Quick fix solution at an affordable rate is the feature of the support team.

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