How To Donate Your Car To Charity

How to donate your car to charity. In my car owning history, I have had two cars whereby they have become unusable. Not only has age and wear and tear on the vehicle caught up, they had become too unreliable to keep putting good money after bad in terms of repair costs when they continually broke down. Seals were going, leaks were happening and the rust in the vehicles bodies started to get worse. The two cars that I owned would not have fetched much on the market if I sold them privately and I would not have wanted to pass my problems on to another buyer to know that I have given my headache to another. My experience with vehicles when they get down to the real “junk status” has been two cars, each with substantial kilomters and age on the vehicle body. The two cars were a garish army green Nissan Bluebird (hey, not knocking all the gaudy green Bluebird lovers out there, the car worked a charm every day for me) and an old Black 1981 Volvo 6 cylinder, 245GL (a fuel guzzler) that ended up sitting in the garage gathering dust and spiders.


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