Myths about all-season tires and winter tires

Winter Tires

There is no doubt in it that tires are the important components of a vehicle. Still, there are many drivers who ignore the basic mechanism that goes into them. Tires are completely responsible for making vehicles stop, move and steer. Here in this blog, we will let you know the myths about all season tires:

· Winter tires are only designed for snow: The material that is used in winter tires let them be flexible in temperature below 7°C. Due to this flexibility the tires are good in providing vehicles stopping and handling, despite of the fact that there is no snow but at the same time temperature is low.

· Grip of all-season tires: The grip of all-season tires on wet roads is better than that of summer tires. Designing of tires is seriously a skilled task, the materials that are used in all-season tires have the feature to stay flexible at low temperatures, but when on wet roads they can easily loosen up their grips.

· Working of all-season tires in winter: All-season tires gives their best for gentle weather changes but if you are living in a place where weather conditions are snowy go for the winter tires. This is due to the fact that they have supper rubber that lets them execute better in freezing temperatures without have any kind of cracks or brittleness and also their deep tread makes the driving safe in snow.

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· Four-wheel drives don’t need winter tires: Sometimes it becomes difficult to stop for vehicles having winter tires. If you are living in a cold place and your four-wheeler vehicle doesn’t have winter tire, it becomes difficult for the drivers to control the tires. So it is necessary that tires used in winters have a thread designed. So that it can easily push snow out of the vehicles.

· The Price of winter tires: Winter tires are cheaper than that of any kind of tires.

But above all, if you want to make your drive safe and smooth you should rotate your tires at regular intervals that maintain the quality of driving and increase the life of tires.