Replacement of car tires after a certain age

When it comes to safety, tires are the most important part of our vehicle. It is also a matter of fact that poor handling, unsafe driving causes tires wear. In order to overcome this condition, it becomes necessary to check treads and tire walls regularly. Now the question arises that how do you know when you should buy new tires for your cars? Following are some tips to find out the solution of our problem:


· Life span of Tire: While buying tires the main concern for a driver is the life span of tires. If you buy new set of tires then you can easily get anywhere from two to four years with the average traveling of about 12000 to 15000 miles. But at the same time it is difficult to tell because tire may vary in terms of quality and use. Almost every tire manufacturers have their own mileage limit for the tires.

· Regular checking of Thread and Walls: Make it a routine habit to check your tires to make sure their integrity during oil change. You can also check your tires health with the help of a penny by placing it in the tread with head facing down. If the head of coin is surrounded by the tread that means your tire is in great shape. If the entire head is showing then it means it’s a high time to change your tires.

· Check the ratings: If you are going to buy new tires for your vehicle then don’t go for cheapest or expensive one, try to make sure to check the overall ratings. Go for highest grade in tread wear and traction so that chances are more to increase the life span of your tires.

Buying tires

· Choose the right one: Make a wise decision and choose right tires for your vehicles. All season tires are the best choice for sports vehicles as well as for high-end vehicles. Putting seasonal tires on your vehicles will save both your time and money as they are used for the correct purpose.

If you have any doubts on buying new tires then you must read these tips when buying tires online. Keep in mind that your tires are the major part of your car and you have to be clear before making them an integral part of your driving.