Tips for Safe Driving During The Rainy Season

Driving in severe weather conditions such as in heavy rainfall can significantly increase a risk in potential danger. It may lead to a dangerous situation for you, your family and for your loved ones in various ways. In these types of the situations, it is vital to be attentive while driving. Do not use the phone or the anything that may distract you from keeping your attention fully on the road. We recommend you to avoid driving in heavy rainfall unless it is necessary because you’d never know when the weather becomes harsh. We provide simple but important tips to keep you safe while enduring such conditions.

Check the Windshield Wipers

Before heading out in the rain, check the windshield wipers of the vehicle to keep it clean and to improve the visibility of the driver during heavy rainfall.

Keep Distance from Large Vehicles

While driving in harsh weather conditions, keep a distance from large vehicles like trucks and buses. The spray from their tires may block your vision which makes it extremely difficult to see. Please avoid overtaking the large vehicles or passing them.

Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning creates slippery conditions for the vehicle. To avoid hydroplaning, slow down the speed, take your time while travelling, turn off cruise control, and stay away from standing water such as puddles. It is important to rotate your tires periodically, replace the vehicle tires when necessary, avoid hard braking and keep your tires properly inflated. (We suggest to buy new branded tires).

Find a safe spot

In heavy rainfall, there may be moments where the water is coming down and you can’t see anything. In these situations, find a safe spot to stay until the downpour slows down or ceases. Remember to turn on the hazard lights so that other cars can see you are on the side of the road. When the rain stops, you can continue your journey safely.

Avoid to cross running water

If you ever come across flooding, do not cross the running water for it may be deeper than you think. It can create many issues with you vehicle such as engine flooding and brake malfunction to name a few. This can even sweep you away in the current.

Stay focused

It is important to pay attention to the road while travelling especially in the rain when you can’t see the things properly. Whatever may distract you from the road, we recommend you turn them off such as the radio, cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

Car parking at a safe place

Avoid parking your vehicle anywhere on the road where other cars would pass you. If someone in another vehicle cannot see you, an accident can occur. Please avoid parking under the electric wires or trees for it may come in contact with the vehicle and cause damage.

Turn on the Lights

Turn your headlights and Backlights on so that the cars behind you can identify you better. Avoid using bright lights because it can reflect the wet surface which can cause irritation to you and other drivers also.

Importance of Using Branded tires

Having branded tires is one of the best investment one can make.

  • It holds the good grip on the ground because all of us know how slippery the road will get in the rainy season.
  • If your tire is too old it may lead to a severe car accident. To avoid accidents, check your tires frequently for baldness. Bald tires will have little to no grip on the road. It will cause skidding and hydroplaning.

It is advisable to buy branded tires instead of custom and second-hand tires. Your life is precious not only for you but for your loved ones and taking an alternate route can cause life changing experiences. We do not want you to take such a risk.

At last, we want to conclude that follow the above-mentioned tips while driving in heavy rainfall and use of branded tires for your vehicles will indeed help you get to your destination safely! Please do not risk your life for a quick fix or unsafe drive.

We wish you luck for the “SAFE JOURNEY AHEAD”.

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