The Best Investment a (Failing) Society Can Make
umair haque

You are clearly missing the whole point of conservative thrift in these economically distressed times: When a flailing economy cannot support the number of workers it has the choices are either to reduce the population through “attrition” by allowing the unemployed to die off, or by sending them to war, which is the traditional response. If not, the populace will eventually rebel against its leadership and demand a more equitable distribution of the economic benefits that do exist, which is always very disruptive and often for several generations… The population must be reduced by one means or another, and war is usually more costly to business and investors overall than merely allowing the peasants to self-destruct through depression and drug abuse. Why else would the society be interested in reducing its long-standing drug prohibitions at a time of economic distress but to encourage self-medication (to pacify the disenfranchised) and self-destruction (which can be blamed on poor self-discipline)? Embrace the new “law and order” approach to social management instead of always finding fault with it! Humans, like all animals, naturally tend towards authoritarian, hierarchical social models, anyways…