Hoo boy, where to begin…
Jake Porter

Thank you very much for posting this rebuttal as I was about to have to do it myself. It is unfortunate that most “feminist” talking points (i.e. the complete lie that women are payed 77% of what men are for the same work) are trotted out with a complete lack of statistics or evidence to back them up. I appreciate someone who takes the time to call others out for falsehoods like this article.

If people would simply practice safe-sex and avoid unwanted children (in my opinion, the largest threat to American society; see: https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/three-simple-rules-poor-teens-should-follow-to-join-the-middle-class/), nearly every other problem would disappear. Good citizens are made in homes with quality parents. However, somehow this only made it into two of Obama’s speeches over his 8 years.

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