Looking for Collaborators

Anyone interested in coauthoring an editorial on Medium? 

While ideating topics I plan to cover in coming months, I realized I’d love to work on some of them with coauthors, coeditors, or copublishers. Below, you’ll find a near-realtime list of articles I’m either drafting or planning out; please let me know if you’re interested in collaborating!

As of Sep. 3 2013, 21:46 EDT —

  • A New Cold War: Cyberconflicts with China
  • The Case Against Browser Monopolies [taken]
  • Truth as a Value-System [taken]
  • Habits Make the Best Products [taken]
  • Buzzwords: All You Need to Know [taken]
  • Thoughts on Freebies [taken]
  • Improving UX With Metaphor [taken]
  • Gamification in K-12 Education [taken]
  • Version Schmersion: Meaningful Development Roadmaps
  • Fear as Data [taken]
  • Nostalgia is Sexy? How ‘Mad Men’ Changed TV Forever [taken]
  • Emotional Connections Can Trigger Learning [taken]
  • Healthier Living with Mobile Devices
  • English: Lingua Franca, Angla, Tecnica… Eterna?
  • Light(ing): Everything You Need to Know [reserved]
  • What Content Marketers can Learn from Game Desginers
  • Consumption vs. Visitor Loyalty: Pageviews are a Stupid Metric [taken]
  • Implementing a Standing Workstation
  • 10 Traits of Effective Freelancers [taken]
  • Practice Poetry for more Elegant Code
  • How Your Wellbeing Affects my Productivity [taken]
  • Applying SEO Tactics to Education Design
  • A Worrier’s Guide to the Unforeseeable Future [taken]
  • Renaissance Souls: Generalism vs. Specialism in the Workforce [taken]
  • The Untold Power of Brands [taken]
  • Design Thinking & Digital Literacy… Kindergarden Edition [reserved]
  • Designing Soundtracks for Handheld Games
  • Columnists vs. Journalists, eh? [taken]
  • Battling Paraparesis: My Year in a Wheelchair
  • Weekly Film Critique: “The Shawshank Redepemtion” [reserved]
  • The Official Guide to Programming Misconceptions
  • On Kaizen [taken]
  • All Pent Up, or Why You Should Play Racquetball
  • Medium Tips & Tricks — Secrets of a Publishing Platform
  • Tech Talk: Learning Modalities in Special-Needs Education
  • If Privacy is Dead, I Killed It [taken]

Thanks, and again, please contact me (@carsonkahn) if you’re at all interested in coauthoring, coediting or copublishing an article here on Medium. Who knows — maybe it’ll be a productive collision!

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