My walk without you

Last night, I went on a walk without you. Around the block in my socks and flip flops.

The first couple I saw had matching moccasins, smoked together — were talking and seemed happy.

The second couple I saw on the corner picked up a black and white cat — a tuxedo—and put it back down.

I heard cheers from the park as I walked funny down the steep street in my mis-matching footwear.

I saw a topknot millennial, leaving his apartment, crossing the street while looking at his phone— remotely unlocking his blue Subaru Outback.

Around the next corner, I found a free pile of things that I regret not taking.

Bright orange Tiger Lilies greeted me on my walk without you. Sounds from the park got louder the closer I got to home.

‘What,’ you asked, ‘did it feel like?’

The summer breeze of these dwindling days brought me the rest of the way.