If you are a portable church or a church with fixed installations, one of the important components are your cables. Treat them well and they will treat you well. If you maintain your cables well, you will safe time and money.

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As Saddleback Berlin we always had to work with boundaries such as time constraints , budget constraints and so on. We want to create a great Worship experience but can not get away from those limitations.

We are struggling with accepting any kind of boundaries. We always ask ourselves: “Isn’t there a way to simplify this? There must be…

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At churches we are always challenged to create a great sound experience with little budget and time at hand. We made great experience with our digital soundboard and I will explain why I think you should go for a digital soundboard instead an analog version nowadays.

I will explain you why a digital soundboard helps you get more variety in your sound, how it helps you to continuously improve your sound, how you can separate duties, how a digital soundboard helps you train your people at sound and that it comes with a much better price.

A disclaimer: I’m biased for Behringer

The one and only…

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How to overcome “It’s easier to just do it myself” as a Production Leader

“It’s easier to just do it myself!” Did you hear this phrase before? Did you have this thought before?

I did. I am a certified Audio Engineer. For more than two decades I’m doing live sound in churches. I’m hearing everything. I see everything. A speaker turned in the wrong direction. An equalizer switched off which was on before. A vocal sound with too much compression. A de-esser set to strong or bypassed.

Sometimes it’s hard to just enjoy Worship because I‘m constantly observing every aspect of the production. Now there are these volunteers you know? And they don’t see…

Wether I’m a founder or a director or a team leader with my team I’m building something that serves someone which I can call “my customer”. We tend to forget for whom we are providing our products or services.

This morning I had a short conversation with the bus driver. I usually need to scan my ticket to validate I’m allowed to take the bus. Those scanners are broken quite often (which is another interesting topic to write about 😃) as it was this morning. So, I said to the driver: “It’s broken, isn’t it?” “Yeah it is, unfortunately. …

An important prerequisite for a good sound is that the musicians can hear each other well. You can’t rely on the PA. The speakers are directed towards the listener, not the musicians. In this way we create a good sound for the listener and at the same time avoid feedback. But we also create a situation where the musicians on stage hear themselves less well, because the sound from the room is reflected back onto the stage by the walls. …

Worship Night at Saddleback Berlin

We are limited! By time — by people — by budget. I think every church is. Still we want to create an environment where people feel drawn to God and where they begin to worship him. And we want to constantly improve on doing this. And you should too, shouldn’t you? We have an attendance of 300 people week by week and we run two services. We only rent our location.

For years we struggled utilizing the time given to us. People nocked on the doors while we still rehearsed. Two hours between the opening…

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The picture above is from our mother church in California. This is how we celebrate our Easter services in California. Sometimes we still have snow here in Berlin, so we prefer to stay in the building. 😉

What is Saddleback?

Saddleback is a church in many locations. On the one hand we share many similarities worldwide and on the other hand we respond to our regional needs.

Our teaching pastors are Rick Warren, Tom Holladay and Buddy Owens. Each campus is led by a campus pastor, who is usually supported by a team of staff and volunteer leaders. …

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I work for Computacenter, a European based systems integrator. We design, plan, implement and operate IT infrastructures for our customers, but above all we sell hardware. Just whatever is important for the customer. In 2011, Marc Andreessen of a16z (founder of Netscape and a venture capitalist) published an article entitled “Why Software Is Eating the World?”

Well, software is not typically the hobbyhorse of a system integrator. Terrible! With Amazon’s CloudFormation, I can pull up and down tons of data centers all over the world with just a simple configuration file (e.g. in JSON format). Of course it takes a…

I came across a great video by Matthew Weiss (The Pro Audio Files), who explains in a nutshell what 5 concepts he keeps in mind when mixing. The 5 concepts for a good mix are: Clarity, punch, depth, character and emotion. If we strive to improve in these five areas, our overall mix will consequently improve.

Even if he talks about studio music in principle, these concepts can be applied wonderfully in the live area as well.


Every element of the music should be audible. It is not always necessary to separate all elements from each other. Sometimes we…

At Saddleback in Berlin we often have little time at our disposal. Our members are scattered all over the city or even live around Berlin. On Sunday we rent an event location and have only little time for set-up and rehearsal. We are constantly looking for ways to optimize work steps through automation. We want to share our experiences with you.

A few weeks ago we updated the firmware of our Behringer X32. This brings some advantages — but above all we can now synchronize the X32-Edit software on the computer with the mixer. …

Carsten Koch

I write about IT Infrastructure, Leadership, and Production in Church. https://cabcookie.de

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