OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration — Give Your Business another Shot

WooCommerce, a lightweight and advanced solution, enjoys a rapidly growing popularity. It is certainly the most known e-business plugin for WordPress, and, overall, one of the top platforms in e-Commerce. Despite being launched in 2011, WooCommerce is already a home for 1,589,566 web shops, according to BuiltWith — all thanks to its extensive functional capabilities, and ease of use.

In the world of simple, non-customizable hosted platforms and flexible yet complex open-source ones — WooCommerce is a middle ground that combines the best of two cart types. It’s really hard to find flaws in it, since the cart is appealing for merchants of all technical levels. Advanced users will enjoy the flexibility, SEO tools, etc., while newbies will adore the simple, video-gamish admin panel. The peculiarity is, however that WooCommerce isn’t independent, it can only function on a WordPress website, leaving out users of all other CMSs. As for the disadvantages — there’s been a few complaints about security of WordPress itself — that’s the only thing we could think of.

Because of these and other features, there’s been a trend lately, among e-merchants, to migrate to WooCommerce from other shopping carts, and particularly from OpenCart.

The popularity levels of both carts according to Google Trends

WooCommerce advantages over OpenCart

Easier to use. WooCommerce is simply riding the famous usability of WordPress, and rightfully so. Those, who are WP site owners already will find cart’s administration a breeze, while new users will master it promptly, since there’s no steep learning curve. OpenCart, in terms of management, is way tougher.

Better Customization options. Modifying themes on OpenCart is tricky, especially for an inexperienced user, as the structure of templates are hard to access. WooCommerce, on the other hand, provides comprehensive tools that make layout manipulations easy.

Greater SEO tools Being initially a strong side of WordPress, robust SEO is also inherited by WooCommerce — you can optimize each page of your store, and get a high Google search rank without spending much time. OpenCart does provide a decent SEO too, but it’s far less advanced in comparison — after all, WordPress is one the best CMSs for SEO out there.

So, if these advantages seem tempting to you too here’s a simple, automated method you can use to get them — migration from OpenCart to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart.

Why migrate with Cart2Cart?

  1. No programming experience needed.
  2. No additional downloads
  3. Dedicated Support, available 24/7
  4. Straightforward interface
  5. Free of charge Demo Migration

How to migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce step-by-step


  • Make a backup of your current store data — that’s recommended before each major modification on your website.
  • Install a WooCommerce store.
  • Schedule migration on the time when the traffic is at the lowest


  1. Register at Cart2Cart, or use your existing Facebook/Google account.
  2. Choose OpenCart as Source Cart and provide cart’s URL and upload Cart2Cart’s Connection Bridge (you’ll be given a detailed instruction on how to do that — it literally takes a few seconds)
  3. Select WooCommerce as Target Cart, paste the URL to your store and upload Connection Bridge once again, to the root directory of your WP website.

4. Set up the list of entities you’d like to migrate

5. Start a free Demo Migration — it allows to transfer a limited number of entities to your WooCommerce store, and takes about 30 minutes.

6. Double check the entities and launch Full Migration

Test the results:

  • Right as the migration is done, and you receive a congratulatory email, step to your new store’s front end and check if all the products are in places.
  • Perform a test purchase to ensure everything works correctly.
  • Finally, take care of SEO and work on shop’s design.

As you see, the complex procedure of re-platforming is finally made simple — if you want to see how your store looks like on WooCommerce right now, perform a free Demo Migration.

Cart2Cart wishes you luck with your online business!