Upgrade Magento 1.8 to 2.0 — Get a Pass To New e-Commerce Era

Magento 2 is probably the most talked about platform ever. It’s been in development for over five years, during which sneaky creators constantly teased us, promising ground-breaking features and enhanced performance. And now we can finally find out — was the cart worth all the anticipation?

In our humble opinion — more than so. Magento 2 is advanced, quick, and, most importantly, easier to manage than its predecessors. Its component oriented architecture permits users to enable/disable modules without messing with the base code, and simplified checkouts are immensely helpful immensely when it comes to growing conversion rate.

So, how to upgrade to the newest build? Today, we’ll describe three ways to upgrade Magento 1.8 to 2.0:

Manual upgrade. This one isn’t costly, but requires time, efforts and technical knowledge. For merchants tech-savvy enough to migrate on their own there are official scripts that provide instructions on how to update Magento as painlessly as possible. If you’re not a programmer though, consider the two following methods.

Hiring a developer. The easiest choice, probably and the most expensive one. If you have a large store with lots of customizations, and want to prevent data loss at any cost that’s the way to go. Note, however, that the bigger your shop is, the more costs you’ll face, especially if you hire an experienced professional to do the job

Finally, use an automated migration service, Cart2Cart. Designed with a common user in mind, this tool allows to move data from any Magento version to the newest build without getting involved into the technical aspects of the procedure. It is paid too, but far more affordable than a team of programmers. Migration price starts at $69

Why migrate with Cart2Cart?

  • Straightforward. Simply provide links to your stores, download Connection Bridge (file that makes data exchange possible) and point out the entities you want to move. The rest is up to Cart2Cart.
  • Fast and bugless migration. Duration of the transfer depends on how many items you want to move, but usually the whole thing takes no longer than few hours.
  • Demo Migration. To acquaint you with how everything works we offer a free test transfer. Using it, you’ll be able to move a limited number of entities and see how your store looks like on Magento 2 in just 30 minutes.
  • Diligent support Team. In case you need assistance at any point of migration, you can rely on the qualified team of Support Managers. They’ll gladly provide any technical explanations and guide you through the entire process

Easy steps to migrate your store:

  1. Register at Cart2Cart, or use an existing Facebook or Google account

2. Set up your source and target carts. Select Magento 1.8 as your Source Cart, Magento 2.0 as Target Cart and provide links to the both of your stores.

3. Specify entities. Pick the entities you’d like to transfer and use additional options to enhance your migration.

4. Start Free Demo Migration. This procedure is quick and utterly useful, it shows how the service works allows to transfer up to 10 entities and takes about half an hour.

5. Launch Full Migration. As the preparations are done, you’re all set to perform the transfer. So, double check the entities and migrate to the store of your dreams.

As easy as that, you can switch your current Magento to the 2.0 version. Learn more on the official Cart2Cart webpage — Upgrade Magento from 1.8 to 2.0

Good luck with your store!