Date: January 7, 2022

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  • Lifetime access to the Cartel manga series and it’s development
  • Your name or wallet on the Cartel series credits
  • Governance/voting power
  • Custom chapter written by you and the other holders
  • Final version before launch
  • Chapter 1 NFT airdrops and automatic whitelisting

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A few days ago we posted on Twitter a sneak-peek of the first chapter of our new manga series: Cartel. For now we’ll simply call this chapter “The Road Trip”

we don’t want to spoil too much of the story but you’ll see more in the following days. All we can say is: Rated R

The Universe

Cartel Project will not only be about the Cartel series. We will also allow the community to build alternative storylines, characters, and shape the future of this universe. You will not only be able influence the original story, but actually make your own entirely!

We’ll put the resources to make it happen.

Manga/Comic writing room

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Since we started sketching out our ideas, one of the first projects we found was CryptoManga. They had similar goals to ours, and their audience was very similar too: Manga lovers who also loved NFTs.

As soon as we did our first concept art of one of our characters, we shared it on their Discord’s art channel: