Does Corporate Worship Matter?

You worship what you value. Christian worship is the natural response to valuing God above all things. Worship may mean singing a song, praying, listening to a sermon, reading God’s word, meditating, or serving the needs of another.

The general opinion among believers would be that worship matters, but corporate worship is another question altogether.

Maybe you think…

Why should corporate worship be a priority when the elements of a service are easily accessible outside of Sunday?

  • I have sermon podcasts on my iTunes account.
  • My Spotify playlist has the new Bethel album.
  • I pray throughout my day.
  • I have multiple Bibles, including an e-Bible, and I try to spend time reading each day.
  • I meditate on God during Yoga class.
  • There are countless opportunities to serve the city.
  • And if I need community, I get together with my friends over the weekend, and sometimes we discuss spiritual things.

Church serves its purpose, and I am thankful it’s there when I feel like attending. However, it’s not vital that I prioritize corporate worship; instead I believe that it’s vital that I prioritize personal worship.

Are corporate worship and personal worship mutually exclusive, or are they both to be prioritized?

In Nehemiah 8 the community of God’s people gather together for a worship service, and it says in verse 1, “Then all the people gathered as one person in the town square…”

The importance of corporate worship is not a new phenomenon. Nehemiah and Ezra didn’t say, “We have a lot to celebrate and praise God for; go home, read a few passages of Scripture, and pray. And if you don’t want to today, try to do it tomorrow.” Rather, Nehemiah 8:1 says, “ALL the people gathered as ONE person.”

In some sense, you lose your individuality in corporate worship, and that’s actually a good thing. At a worship service you gather together with those very different from you.

Different struggles. Different pain. Different sin. Different social status. Different economic status. Different ethnicity. Different interests. Different gifts and talents. Different spiritual maturity.

BUT the…Same Father. Same Savior. Same Spirit. Same hope. Same faith. Same grace. Same calling.

This is God’s design, and it’s beautiful. God’s grace not only places your identity in Christ, but also in His people.

So yes, corporate worship matters.

If you want more check out the sermon on Nehemiah 8 on:

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