It’s Mother’s Day — Be Gentle

Today is Mother’s Day…the most important day on the organized crime calendar. Apparently, the mafia closes for business on Mother’s Day. You don’t mess with Momma!

President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914, after years of lobbying by its founders, Anna Marie Jarvis and the World’s Sunday School Association. Anna’s passion for Mother’s Day began during the Civil War. She desired to establish a day for remembering the sacrifice, courage, and care of so many during those dark days. Eventually, Anna became disgusted at the holiday because it became simply about giving a card and box of chocolates.

Today, Mother’s Day is still marked by the giving of cards. Over 141 million Mother’s Day cards are distributed, and it’s the largest card sending holiday in the Latino community.

Certainly, Mother’s Day for many is a joyful holiday. Their mother was kind, gentle, always accessible, and somehow keenly aware of fake illnesses. Others are celebrating their wives, who double as a mother, and 141 million cards couldn’t convey their appreciation for their sacrifice, wisdom, and love. Then, there are the spiritual mothers who may never know the full extent of the impact they have on others.

Mother’s Day is a day of honor and celebration, but it’s also a day of pain. It’s another reminder of failed pregnancies or infertility. It brings up the dysfunctional relationship with your mom, which you wish wasn’t the case. You are grateful for the woman who has always been Mom, but you still wonder why your biological mom gave you up. It’s a day where you can’t escape the reality that you miss Mom, even though it’s been years since her passing.

No two mothers are the same, but time after time there is one word Scripture connects with motherhood — gentleness. And maybe this Mother’s Day, God desires to remind us of the importance and power of gentleness.


  • Thank your mother for her gentleness toward you.
  • Thank your wife for her gentleness toward you and your children.
  • Thank God, that though today is hard, He is gentle toward you.

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18

Regardless of whether Mother’s Day brings a smile or tears, one thing is true- we should celebrate our God who is gentle with us.